On hold – Training expert for scientific library management (f/m/n) – Freelance

  • Position zu besetzen ab 1. Mai 2023
  • Permanent-ID OCR-FL-2174
  • Branche Pharma
  • Beschäftigungsform Freelance/ Contracting
  • Standort 8x
  • Kategorien Freelance/Contracting, Pharma

Project name
Education, Training and Promotion plan for BI´s comprehensive portfolio of Corporate Information Services provided by the Scientific Information Center (S.I.C.)

Project description
The Project is designed to develop a robust training & promotional plan, to meet BI´s business needs and innovative, strategic S.I.C.-projects, to facilitate the cost-effective usage of externally licensed information assets and customizable internal information service offerings.
The performance of the contractor has the goal to improve an effective communication about BI´s corporate library & information services and promote efficient usage of data/information sources and services for BI´s businesses (the
discovery of new therapeutic concepts, development & marketing of innovative drugs that change patient`s lives).

Project Tasks
The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:
1. Organizing product-specific trainings for the internal staff of the department to maximize the newly planned library’s Return on Investment (ROI). This Includes organizing vendor-based trainings, here the external Contractor contacts external vendors on behalf of BI to discuss the details of available new end-user trainings, the content of the trainings and the target groups, the contractor then identifies how to apply these trainings to the BI internal staff (BIMA) through the newly planned online library portal. The external Contractor represents BI as an external and is identified as such. The Contractor has only the task of organizing, identifying, and creating a training plan structure of the trainings needed and he/she does not lead or perform the trainings.
2. Independent consulting on the content design structure of the new online library by identifying which trainings and education content can be applied where, and who benefits from these trainings. The consultation will be based on the contractor’s expertise and based on existing professional online university library examples.
3. Independently setting up and updating training materials for life-science & Pharma specific information solutions and S.I.C.´s service offerings incl. branding/communication & promotion of innovative, proprietary inhousesolutions, based on the contractors existing network and experience. The Training materials will be updated based on the information provided by the external vendors in point 1.
4. Professional Consulting and evaluating based on comparison of the success (and impact on later-on product usage) of training sessions (based on the collection of structured feed-back from end-users via surveys). Consultation and evaluation will be based on the contractor’s experience, knowledge and learned lessons and will be performed independently.
5. Professional advice with external trainers from established content providers in order to provide the customer with the most up to date product enhancements and new product solutions. The contractor receives a list of key account
managers/contact persons of the providers with whom he/she discusses, organizes and arranges the content, solutions and products enhancements by representing BI as an external and being identified as such.
6. Consulting on how to Maximize end-user awareness, experience, and proactive, independent usage of S.I.C. resources by end-users by proposing new strategies, innovations & initiatives on spread awareness of the new content. The Consultation will be based on the contractor’s creativity, knowhow and expertise.
7. Developing adoption strategies for new content and innovative, S.I.C.-developed scientific literature analysis solutions (dashboards) for potential new target groups. Strategies will be developed based on the Contractor’s knowledge and best practices.

Education & Professional Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in biological, chemical, health or other life sciences
• Master’s Degree in information or library sciences from an accredited college/university or equivalent
• 5+ years of experience in training of library services for the pharmaceutical industry or relevant pharmaceutical industry experience working with database systems specific to the pharmaceutical industry
• Expert searching skills across specific platforms and databases specific for the Pharmaceutical Industry, such as PubMed, Ovid, Google Scholar, Citeline-& Clarivate products, Embase, Scifinder, Reaxys, etc.
• Software (and IT) experience as it applies to libraries (e. g. for end-user authentication (SSO), literature management solutions (e. g. ReadCube papers), advanced experience with Office 365.
• Demonstrated ability to think strategically, lead, build alignment, inform, and collaborate across functions globally.
• Excellent organizational skills; must be detail oriented. Self-driven in support of successfully leading library projects (e. g. building of library portal solutions).
• Strong capability to interact and effectively communicate with different levels of the organization
• Experience with text-analytics tools (NLP) and semantic technologies (e. g. lifesciences ontologies).
• Awareness of and compliance with standards of business conduct including copyright compliance
• Proficiency with SharePoint and other systems to facilitate training & adoption workflows

English Mandatory
German nice to have

Additional Information
Start: 01.05.2023
Workload: 18,5 h/week
Duration: 24 months
Location: Biberach a.d. Riß and Remote
Remote share: tbd.