SCRUM Master with coaching skills (m/f/n) – Freelance – on hold

  • Position zu besetzen ab 17. Januar 2022
  • Permanent-ID OCR-FL-1608
  • Branche Pharma
  • Beschäftigungsform Freelance/ Contracting
  • Kategorien Beschäftigungsform, Branche, Freelance/Contracting, Pharma

As part of, BI plans to develop a solution that would prevent unwanted events in BI’s production chain by switching from retrospective data assessment to automatic control and trend prediction based on data provided by BI’s supplier. This includes, among other things, working in the connected fashion with stakeholders, including them as part of the team when necessary to improve efficiency of discover and set up pilot projects with customers to test the solution at scale.
The team composition is around 7 people, including UX designer, BE engineer, FE engineer, and Data Scientist.

Tasks :
• Coach cross-functional product team to high-performance and guide them including a junior product owner through the process of developing and validating a digital health product until it is either handed over to the running organization or qualified as a medical device software and transferred for further development under the design control
• Lead team building activities to bring the newly formed group of people to a „team“ state
• Coaching, teaching and facilitating the team and especially Product Owner (PO) in structuring their activities to define roadmap, building good experiments to validate key product-market fit hypotheses in a pilot setting with real product user
• Keep the team’s focus and ruthless prioritization of tasks
• Consult the team and Product Owner in calculating economic value of the future product and developing a business case to present to the stakeholder committees to inform their investment decision.
• Coaching the team to execute defined meetings like described above
• Making pitches and other communication to the stakeholders
• Consult PO in stakeholder management and pair with PO to liaise with pilot projects
• Teach, coach and facilitate team in setting up and maintaining product OKRs
• Coach team in the responsibility process to remove impediments and escalate to the Leadership Team where appropriate

• At least 3 years of experience guiding SCRUM teams
• Fluent English skills
• coaching education is a plus
• working with data science/AI applications is a plus
• experience working in a regulated space is a plus
• experience working as a Product Owner is a plus
• intercultural experience

Additional information:
Location: remote (Ingelheim)
Project start: 17.01.2022
Project end: 29.04.2022
Availability: 4-5 days / week
Remote support: 100%

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