Project Manager* – Operational Transfer Pricing – freelance – on hold

  • Position zu besetzen ab 1. Februar 2022
  • Permanent-ID OCR-FL-1633
  • Branche Pharma
  • Beschäftigungsform Freelance/ Contracting
  • Standort Deutschland / 6x
  • Kategorien Beschäftigungsform, Branche, Freelance/Contracting, Pharma

The service is requested as part of the Operational Transfer Pricing project Phase II – implementation phase. The overall project has the objective to strengthen local profitability steering in order to avoid double taxation, reduce manual workload, ensure tax compliance and prepare for the future In Phase I -assessment phase it 1) created the transparency of all Transfer Pricing-related intercompany transactions; 2) clarified and harmonized roles and responsibilities between HQ and local functions; 3) created the standardized and centralized to-be processes around transfer pricing activities. In Phase II, the project scope is to implement the decisions from Phase I which include: 1) build up one dedicated central OTP team within Controlling Subsidiaries to perform Headquarter OTP Controlling activities for all Business Units & Functions, 2) transfer of the OTP activities and business knowledge from the Business Unit controllers to the newly created central OTP team 3) operationalize the to-be processes in the areas of Intercompany Agreement Creation and Control & Monitoring and roll them out to the countries.

  • The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor to support the project in the following dimensions:
    Coordinate the execution of the developed approach for preparing, conducting and documenting the project milestones and deliverables
  • Further optimize and update the project approach along with the project implementation
  • Independent monitoring, coordination and reporting on the project progress (timing)
  • Creation and maintenance of project status tracker to monitor and manage project delivery risks and pro-active documentation of workflow and progress on daily basis (the format to be used should be either power point and/or MS Planner)
  • Coordinate the preparation of reporting progress to senior management (for information and decision making) so decision documents can be prepared & delivered by the BI team upfront to the necessary stakeholders
  • Coordinate the working together across the different sub-workstreams and the colleagues working on those sub-workstreams on aligned goals and processes for the overall project
  • Organizing on how to manage and communicate with the different relevant stakeholders as well as advising change management: current status of the project, achieved milestones, risks, as per project monitoring status & collect this information in within a power point file which will be shared with the project lead and co-lead
  • Plan and coordinate reoccurring project related meetings as per existent project plan incl. regular Jour Fixes with the project Core Team (including action item tracking, decision documentation), and ad-hoc alignment meetings with project leads
  • Compiling ad-hoc presentation sets around the project progress for key stakeholder management

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