On-hold – Expert for sustainable drug delivery (m/f/n) – freelance

  • Position zu besetzen ab 1. Januar 2024
  • Permanent-ID OCR-FL-2559
  • Branche Pharma
  • Beschäftigungsform Freelance/ Contracting
  • Standort 5x
  • Kategorien Freelance/Contracting, Pharma

Project description
The project has the purpose is to identify, nurture, and preliminary test emerging technologies, methodologies and/or approaches which can enable in the future (5 – 10 years) the delivery of peptides to patients in a way that minimizes the environmental footprint and closes material loops.

Task description
• Perform 1on1 interviews with internal and external stakeholders with the scope of identifying available knowledge on the topic sustainability and drug delivery devices, as well as capturing known requirements. During these activities the consultant will clearly appear as an external consultant of BI whenever interacting with internal and external stakeholders.

• Prepare material for workshops aimed at refining objectives, aspirations and success factors, capture known requirements, identify knowledge gaps in relation to the topic “How do we prepare for the future in regard to sustainable drug delivery devices”. The material for the workshops will be prepared by the contractor who will not personally run the workshops. The workshops will be run by internal BI employees and participants may be internal or external relevant stakeholders. The contractor may participate to these workshops in order to capture the content, discussions and decisions.

• Consolidate results from scouting activities, 1on1 interviews and workshops. The results will be subsequently used by BI employees as a base to decide on whether a certain solution, idea, method is something worth it to be further investigated and could possibly contribute to BI sustainability ambitions to leave no trace for future generations (overall CO2 neutral, no waste on landfills) and potentially to patients and societal acceptance of the treatment.

• Prepare material for communication to senior stakeholders and subject matter experts. The contractor prepares summaries of the consolidated results of scouting activities, 1on1 interviews and workshops will be the content. The material will then be used by BI employees to discuss with and update senior stakeholders and subject matter experts.

• PhD or Masters in Bio-Engineering/Pharmaceutics or relevant field
• MUST have experience in a pharma R&D and ideal in drug delivery (devices)
• MUST have experience on sustainability topics ideally related to pharma and drug delivery devices
• Must Speak English
• German nice to have

Additional information:
Start: 01.01.2024
Duration: 6 months
Work load: 30 h/week
Location: Remote (Ingelheim)
Remote share: ~ 100% (maybe with a once every six month visit on site)