Consultant for innovations in digital health (d/m/w) – Freelance – on hold

  • Position zu besetzen ab 22. März 2021
  • Permanent-ID OCR-FL-1244
  • Branche Pharma
  • Beschäftigungsform Freelance/ Contracting
  • Standort Deutschland / 5x
  • Kategorien Beschäftigungsform, Branche, Freelance/Contracting, Pharma

Project description:

The service requested is to compliment the further development of scouting processes of Scouting team.

Scouting is looking externally for digital healthcare trends, insights, technologies, potential collaboration partners (e.g. startups, scaleups, tech companies), business models and collects market information from different open sources and platforms. The goal is to support in developing and sculpting digital healthcare innovation projects.

Based on this information the stakeholders will specify a specific demand of the project.

The value is to bring information that supports in digital healthcare innovation projects.

  • Scouting assignment:

Collecting indept digital health market landscape, business model, technology information and potential partners from the external environment. Collection of resources is based on specific knowledge of the freelancer. The topics will be determined by the scouting team.

The collected information will be analysed according to a generated framework and consolidated information is represented in a report format.

Anaysis of the collected material includes comparing the different actors in the market, analysing the streaghts and weaknesses of the actors, gaps in the market, collecting information of business models, finding and analysing potential partners (startups, scaleups and tech companies) upon their suitability by technology and maturity to collaborate with.

The result is a scouting report based on a template, that will be handed over.

  • Trend radar report:

Collecting indepth information around topical healthcare trends. Collection of resources is based on specific knowledge of the freelancer.

Consolidating the information into a report format.

Analysing the consolidated information upon gaps and opportunities and threats of the trends between current operations.

Result is a trend report based on a template, which will be handed over.

  • Innovation/ acceleration programme management:

Managing an innovation/accelerator programme includes coordinating the programme activities. The management is expected to follow the project plan delivered.

Answering to external inquiries of programme progress, application status or general information need based on existing material and the project plan

Consolidating innovation initiative information submitted by external parties to be evaluated based on project plan and available material.



  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Open innovation
  • Collaboration and partnering with startups, scaleups and tech companies
  • Digital Innovation
  • Digital healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical industry knowledge
  • Project management skills
  • Experience from working with startups
  • Scouting experience


Additional Information:

Location: remote / Ingelheim

Project start: asap, latest April 2021

Duration: 6 months

Availability: 3 days/week, 100% remote currently due Covid

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